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Welcome to the Sonder Travel Help Center. Learn all about our business and why we’re the right travel agency for you. Check out our vacation specials, travel deals, and additional services. If you have any additional questions that haven’t been answered in our FAQ page, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.

Do I need travel insurance?

You are never required to buy travel insurance but it is a good idea for more expensive trips and overseas trips. The last thing you want is for the thousands you've spent on your non-refundable purchases to go to waste because of an unforeseen event. Get in contact with us and we can assist with showing you the different options.

How do I know what trip is right for me?

It is all about what you enjoy and what you can afford. We strive on making peoples dreams come true, therefore telling us your dream trip or the idea you have we can make it a reality within your budget.

How do I find out about visa requirements?

We do offer Visa assistance although you want need a Visa for a few countries. Go to our Visa page to find our more or contact us for more information on which country you want to go to.

Do I need to be rich to travel?

Travel costs money regardless of where you want to go. But some countries are more affordable and well suited for the backpackers all the way to the business travelers. It all comes to where you want to go and what your budget is.

Sonder Travel wants you to travel safe, travel fun and travel right. Call us with any additional questions!


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